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What you need to know about Ehrlich Reagent

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Drug testing is now considered as a normal process especially in the workplace and even in schools. In fact, many establishments now require drug testing for their employees or members. If you do not take any kind of illegal drugs, then you are on the clear and need not worry about undergoing any drug test. Keep in mind that whatever goes through your system will be detected by a drug test so if you are taking any sort of medication, then you need to inform your workplace beforehand to avoid any confusing results.

How do Drug Tests Work?

The principle of drug test indicates that whatever goes through the body is then broken down and then absorbed. This means that whatever you may have ingested will have a history in your system. The body works in a way wherein it breaks down everything that has been ingested including substances. Metabolites are then formed as part of the complicated process in the system. An ehrlich reagent is basically a solution which contains ethanol, hydrochloric acid and p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde which can be used to positively identify indoles in the system.  The solution is used to identify the presence of LSD which rules out the presence of 25i-NBOMe which is a toxic drug often misidentified as LSD. If you want to get more details about ehrlich reagent, you may visit on wimscilabs.com.

There are many kinds of drug tests that can be performed and the detection period can also vary. Drug test which makes use of saliva can actually detect the presence of drugs that have been ingested even in a matter of hours or up to a couple of days. Drug testing which makes use of either blood or urine can detect the presence of drugs used within a couple of days or even the past two months. Hair drug testing is considered as the most reliable since it can detect drug use even after 90 days of use.